Healing Hippie

Healing Hippie: Massage Therapy & Reiki

Healing Hands placed around wild mountain flowers

Our Services

Therapeutic Massage


Give yourself the gift of feeling wonderful with this results driven massage.  Our talented massage therapists will help you relax, reduce stress and address specific areas of pain in your body.   

Your massage may include: Swedish, Deep Tissue, 

Thai Stretching, 

Myofascial Release, 

doTERRA Aromatherapy & Cupping.  

30 Minutes $50 

60 Minutes $80

90 Minutes $110

120 Minutes $150

Massage Enhancements


Hot Stone Zone: $20 

Face-mask with Hot Towels $25

Organic Salt Scrub & Hot Towels

Hands or Feet $30 Both $50

10 min Scalp or Foot Massage $15

Reiki $15, Guided Mediation $15

Dry-brushing with Hot Towels $30

Flowing Hot Stone Massage


Become deeply relaxed, balanced and grounded with our Flowing Hot Stone Massage.  Let the hot volcanic stones dance across your skin, be massaged into your knots and intuitively placed along your chakras.  

60 Minutes $120

* 90 Minutes $150 

*120 Minutes $200

Add Hot Stone Zone to any service $20

**Working with hot stones takes time. We highly recommend scheduling at least our 90 minute session**

Couples Massage

Couples Massage - women and man laying on two massage tables with smiles on their faces

Enjoy a unique bounding experience receiving side by side massage therapy . You won't want to leave.

"Dinner, what dinner?"  

Very relaxing and therapeutic each session can include DoTERRA Aromatherapy, Cupping, Myofasical Release, Therapeutic, and Relaxation massage. 

Appointment must be booked by phone: 

Text or Call  (910) 228-1818

60 Minutes $200

90 Minutes $280

Couples Massage Enhancements Add-ons:

Hot Stone Zone : $40

Face-mask with Hot Towels $50

Organic Salt Scrub & Hot Towels

Hands or Feet $60

Dry-brushing with Hot Towels $60

Reiki $30

Prenatal Massage


Exactly what a Mom to be needs.  Relaxation and renewal.  She will enjoy being surrounded by pillows and blankets while getting her tense & sore spots worked out. Prenatal Massage Therapy 

60 Minutes $90 

90 Minutes $120   



An ancient Japanese healing art used to open, recharge & balance your energy centers (chakras) and connection to source energy. 

Renewing, Relaxing & Inspiring

30 Minutes $50 

Add to any service $15

Guided Meditation


Be guided to you inner world. Learn to calm, recharge, quiet your mind and observe the moment.  Each session includes relaxation, chakra balancing and manifestation exercises. 

30 Minute $50

Add to any service $15

Thai Foot Massage & Reflexology


Foot Massage lovers This Is For YOU!  Warm Towels & Oils massage on your legs and feet.   Thai Reflexology will hit all of your points helping 

your body heal.

30 min $70